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Name of Merchant: Arda Wigs
Item purchased (please include quantity): 1 long straight ponytail extension (black); 1 Lulu in black
Links to picture(s) of your received item:
Lulu with attached ponytail extension
Side view of ponytail and Lulu
Side view of Lulu

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Ordered 10/28 (Thursday), shipped on 11/3 (Wednesday). Received on 11/5 (Friday). About a week.

Experience: Overall a great experience. Wigs were shipped really quickly with no problem. Definitely a seller I'd buy from again and recommend to people.

The ponytail extension is tremendously long though! I wasn't expecting a very long one but it's about 40 inches long (100cm)! It's also very thick, great for a Black Rock Shooter cosplay. It's also great because I only needed 1 ponytail extension, and some other cheap places sell the clip-on extensions as part of a package of the base wig + 2 ponytail extensions. Did I mention it was cheap, too?

The Lulu is just a standard bob with long bangs and a 2'' skintop in the middle. Very soft and easily fingercombed.

-Located in U.S.
-Relatively cheap (extension was $15, lulu was $30) compared to other wig retailers. With shipping, my total was about $53.
-Circumfrence of the wig is wide, but it also is adjustable for smaller heads
-Fibers are really soft, finger combing is fine for detangling
-Wigs are really thick with lots of hair
-Order includes a nice little brochure on how to take care of the wigs

-The extensions are definitely as it says in the description: very high maintainence and prone to tangling easily. However, it's not too hard to finger comb out the tangles since the fibers are so silky. I'll probably pretreat it with some Motions Oil Sheen.

Final Grade: A+

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