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I'm awesome and I forgot to write my reply to the topic itself.

I've been avoiding OC cosplay because when I first started cosplaying a couple years ago, my only cosplayer friend was my girlfriend, and she said, A), "You CAN go to the convention without cosplaying, but it would be lame, and B), "No, you absolutely may not cosplay an OC. That's just weird."

Obviously we've both grown quite a bit and gotten more into the world of conventions and cosplay, and are more aware of what is and isn't "lame" or "weird." At this point I probably would go as an OC, if I had one that was appropriate. My main characters right now are, first of all, male, for the most part (and I pretty much suck at crossplaying), and second, not very interesting as a cosplay. I love the characters themselves but the designs are pretty normal... I haven't made any... shall we say "creative" outfits for quite a while, and when I did, I had no clue what I was doing and they're all terrible. XD'

I wouldn't mind other people cosplaying as OCs... except that I wouldn't know who they were, and would be, as I stated above, probably less inclined to talk to them. If I see someone from, say, a show I love that isn't super popular, I'll definitely talk to them, because that awesome factor overrides my shyness. But if I did end up talking to them and found out it was an OC, I certainly wouldn't think any less of them. As a matter of fact, if I liked the design at all, I'd think even more of them, because they came up with it themselves.
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