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Name of Merchant: Fujitatsu
Items purchased: Phantomhive Family Ring, 1 pair of Ciel costume shoes
Links to picture(s) of your received item: coming (blocked by a coscom error)

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Ordered 11/8, shipped 11/9, arrived 11/10 (within Japan)

Experience: Moderately-priced, obviously unliscenced (but poorly disguised) props and accessories that look great but definately on the suspicious side. The photos on their site are indeed what arrive in the mail... though the packaging is extremely bizarre and their desire to dodge liability is disconcerting.

I have no idea how the items will hold up with wear and will update this review after I've played guinea pig and worn them to an event.

The ring came packed in a very unofficial box branded with poor print outs of Kuroshitsuji characters and the logo. There is also a viewing window in the gift box... but the insert was put in backwards (with the ring on the opposite side of the window ^^; ) It is HUGE. I can't imagine who this ring was made for, but even on my thumb it's likely to fall off. Sadly, it isn't adjustable either. Aside from that, it's quite detailed and very pretty. I'll use something to pad it/line it to adjust the size.

The shoes came packed in a used Yves St. Laurent box in spite of having nothing (as far as I know) to do with YSL. They're new and appear to be made of non-reformed materials. They fit amazingly well and are comfortable enough. The laces are cheap and need to be replaced... the leather is also a bit on the thin side, making me worry about wearing them in the dead of winter without my feet turning to blocks of ice. That said, they look like a million bucks on and are just like Ciel's shoes in the Kuroshitsuji II promo art.

If only to rain on my parade, the shoes also came packed with a letter to assure me they are for "photography purposes only" and should be "removed as soon as photography is over". The same letter (a full page) tells me that the shoes may damage or stain other items if they aren't packed in a seperate box, that I should check the heels and laces before and after wear and remove them immediately if they prove difficult to walk in.


Should new $80 shoes really scare the crap out of their purchaser?????

-Domestic shipping from an in-Japan warehouse (located in Chiba). Items were all in-stock and provided extremely quickly. Shipping was via courier. The whole transaction was easy, quick and hassle free.
-8,379 yen for a pair of shoes, a ring, courier service, and the COD fee is pretty damn good.
-Rakuten means I can use my points from other rakuten merchants for discounts at this one and the points from this purchase toward transactions with others (Heal All, Bodyline, Zephyr, Etika, etc.)
-The items LOOK beautiful and are the same ones shown on the website. If anything, they're a bit nicer than what I expected from the somewhat poor-quality photos.
-The price was quite reasonable.

-Suspicious packaging and weird letters dodging liability are really quite scary.
-Inconsistancy in Fujitatsu's photos, poor site design, and lame quaphics quality leave a bit of doubt as to the legitimacy/competancy of the folks maintaining it.
-Extremely low prices and a rakuten-exclusive site front make it very likely that Fujitatsu, in spite of it's Chiba address, is supplied by Chinese sweat shops. As a result, materials and craftsmanship may leave something to be desired both on quality and safety fronts.
-Their "original prices" are all BS. It's a common practice for dishonest rakuten storefronts to create highly inflated "original prices" for items and make them appear to be higher-quality items at an amazing discount. I don't for a second believe that the bootlegged, backwards-packed fake-silver ring I just bought for under $20 would EVER sell for nearly $70.

Final Grade: B (Great looking, but suspicious stuff)
Basement Sale: Touhou: Mokou costume, clearfiles/shitajiki, NeoRomance/Angelique artbook, etc.

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