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Originally Posted by kiratsukai View Post
To be fair, I don't know any commissioner who could have worked leather from scratch into a helmet for a cheap price (or likely at all).

That hat looks pretty darned good to me and limebarb's portfolio is amazing. Most of the people who complain about what the INSIDE of a commissioners' work looks like haven't actually made the effort to try and construct things that look nice on the side that doesn't show themselves. Generally speaking -- if it holds together and you can't see it: it doesn't matter to me. It's a costume. If it works and looks badass, that's exactly what I want. But that's just me.

If you want cheap -- what you get is going to get something pretty standard, unskilled and likely made in a factory or by a beginner expending the least amount of effort. If you want work from an expert, it's going to be nicer... yes. But that doesn't mean it's going to float down from heaven on high of its own volition and alight in your hands exactly as you imagined it.

^^; Skilled commissioners are human too.
Perhaps its because of the experience of my friend's order that got me thinking. At one point I was going to order from her but after seeing that, i said no.

I understand skilled commissioners are humans (my friend is one and even she gets tired , but in this case the customer was unsatisfied. Even if you can't see the mess, she could of at least tried to hide it.
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