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Having some comissioner troubles (yeah, again... I'm not lucky on this front) ~ this time with TeL:


A user calling themselves TeL/Blackmarket replied to a comission-wanted ad back in September. Their portfolio looked amazing and the price was unbeatable. After speaking to one of their former customers who told me they completed their comission, only very late, I decided to take the leap anyway since my deadline is extremely flexible. I accepted the deal, on the condition that photographs of materials would be sent to me before the ebay return policy expired.

They weren't sent.

I recieved two assurances that the costume would be finished "within a few weeks" or "by the first week of November" at the latest but no images of materials or the costume.

Recently messages have gone unanswered on coscom. I've just tracked them down on facebook and sent a message asking for the downlow. Hopefully something comes of it.

In the meantime, the comissioner has remained extremely active cosplaying and participating in events and promotions in their own country. I sincerely hope my money (and others') isn't being accepted as a way of funding these activities without any intention to come through on the deals that were made.

I've only spoken with one other user who has worked with TeL and the story is similar :/
It seems that, whatever the story, TeL can not keep a deadline and is best avoided for costumes you need by any sort of cut-off date at all.

I may not have a strict deadline, but I also now have no way to get back the money I've sent if I recieve nothing at all

Does anyone else have an experience with this comissioner or advice about how to contact her?
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