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I had a few failventures with my Kiryu wig~ :C

When I first placed an order, I ordered a short silver one that didn't get to me until a couple of weeks after I expected. Then it arrived in all its pretty glory, but was too short for the character D: So. I fumbled over to another website and was like HAY YO IMMA GONNA SAVE MONEY BY JUST GETTING EXTENSIONS AND SEWING THEM IN YEAAAHH. Ordered them, and after a month, they hadn't arrived. So I sent an email saying basically "whats going on??", no response. Another month. Gave them a call... Nothing 8| Another week, another call. FINALLY they respond and I am just like "refund. Now 8|" And they were very polite and helpful and LUCKILY I got my moneys back 8D; So then I ordered a new wig entirely, this time a more accurate silver/blue one (on a fun note, right after I ordered the second one the character made a random reappearance and had grown his hair out super duper long... :T) BUT THEN i got that one, and fell in love. 8D Everything was fine until the weekend of the con. I had the wig on that Thursday, and that Friday after settling into the hotel, realized it was missing. D: Searched all around and finally just realized that it was lost... Sad day. I wore the original too-short wig, and finally FACED FACTS and placed an order for another one. I went to the same seller, and found the same wig, and placed the SAME ORDER :T Got the wig, looked in the bag, was happy! Yay! But I didn't even bother trying it on like I normally do because, like I said, when I got the SAME WIG from the SAME SELLER a few months earlier, it was perfect! So I didn't realize anything was wrong until I got to the next con and tried to put the wig on... 8| It was so thin. Like. Party City wig, thin. It was awful and I deemed it unwearable, and again, had to wear the short silver one 8| Sigh. AND SO, long story short, I've pretty much given up on trying to match the characters hair lololo

(...holyyyy crap that was long orz ;; )
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