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Name of Merchant: Vellsus
Website: *Japan only
Items ordered: a wolf shag in white silver for a White Rabbit costume.
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed through otamap and took about one week to process. Shipping was within Japan.

In search of a somewhat natural, flattering matte white for the White Rabbit from "Are you Alice?"... I ended up choosing another Vellsus.

Pros: As usual, the wig cap is well made and tightly-fitted. The fibres are very soft and thickly-rooted with no bald or sparse spots visable anywhere. Extra rooting on the underside of the wig cap near the ears help hide a usual trouble spot and make the wig even more seamless.

As unnatural as shock white usually is, this particular white is a actually a very light silver with a matte look and just a little bit of lustre. The fibers are soft, don't tangle or snarl in the least. The muted color is surprisingly flattering and doesn't make my skin look splotchy or red.

Don't be fooled by the out of control appearance of the wolf shag in it's catalog photos, it arrives much tamer with only a bit of flip in the sides. I imagine it could easily be styled into the catalog photo state, but for my own purposes, a more relaxed wig is just what I needed.

The price (4,680 yen) is a bit steep but I feel the wig is more than worth it's price-tag.

This particular cut has some layers and bounce with make me think it will thin out and take to crazier styles much better than the medium longs and the very short. I usually recommend against Vellsus for heavy styling, but I actually think the wolf shag would be a great thick base for a spiked wig.

Cons: None really. I've gotten to the point where I trust Vellsus to deliver a gorgeous product in a flattering color every time.

It's a little greyer than I had expected, but I think it will appear much brighter in flash and outdoor lighting.

Final Comments: This is my first Vellsus in the wolf shag style and my fourth Vellsus in all. I'm every bit as pleased with this one as I have been the others.

Final Grade: A+
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