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Smile Cos Photographer moving to Munich

Tag, zusammen~!

I am Anela. I am from America and I will be moving to Munich in January 2011. I would love to get acquainted with some cosplayers there, or any parts of Germany. I have been to Germany once but I havent seen what the cosplay scene is like yet.

I used to cosplay a lot, but these days I prefer to be behind the camera. I would like to have some photoshoots happen once I move in and settle down.

I am in a very big Hetalia kick right now, so if you have any Hetalia costumes that you would like shot, I'd be happy to do so. We can set up a date and time.

You can see my shoots here:

*Note: I can only speak English. However, I plan on learning the language through a tutor. I would love to exercise and learn more German with everyone.

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