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If not applicable go tO PART THREE

[quote=Mizuno Tenshi;348562]Well, here's one issue that comes up a lot. How a guy can hide things 'down there'. ...

It gives me great joy to declare that I NEVER had need to tuck, ever. I never had enough stuff to even consider tucking! My grapes will retract up into my abdomen if I just ice them for a minute or so, then they are as good as gone. My third earing was never cause for celebration, is not at all impressive by any measure and has literally only been good for a laugh to females and even when aroused and vertical, with a vibrator on it, I still present as FLAT IN FRONT! Now, the entire unit is in rapid atrophy from all my estrogens and anti-androgens. Even if my kit of lace were on a newborn baby, the doctors still would not be able to be certain of gender, lol!
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