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Nonsense! Indulge! By the time I was 15 I would easily walk into a lingerie department and say: "I need all the foundation garments to make me appear as female as possible." Of course it was humiliating as hell at first but what delightfully feminizing humiliation! Before you know it you'll be mincing in and out of dressing rooms wanting people to see you femindulging! The best time was when I was trying on this very feminine Loralie Originals prom dress at a Bride and Formal Store and in walks two guys from my high school class year's football team (one guy's GF worked there!). Oh gawd was I mortified! I mean, I'm sure the whole school already had a pretty good idea that I was an intensely avid and indulgent transsexual transvestite but that incident cemented my eternal place in Girlishfeminizationland! As it turned out, the owner offered me a job there that night which I accepted but would not have had that incident not happened.
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