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Originally Posted by Spookloops View Post
Hi again, sorry I went AWOL. Work has been a little nuts these last couple of weeks since I got up here.

So the weather is pretty, and so are the leaves and such... I'd love to meet people from the area, I like to do photography, and I drive past a couple of parks (Gambril, Greenbrier) on my way to work sometimes..... so it just dawned on me that maybe I can combine all of these these and do some photoshoots at the park one of these weekends before the weather and leaves aren't so pretty any more? Would anyone be interested? Maybe we could turn this into like a regional mini-meetup or something? Just some thoughts I wanted to throw out there!
College has been crazy too with all the projects and finals coming up, but its nice to see you back here again =)

And I'd be definitely up to having a meet up, depending on the place and day its on ^-^
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