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Originally Posted by RyoWolffe View Post
in my honest opinion. I will have to say most Hetalia cosplayers are ignorants with no knowledge of what is and what isn't offensive. The anime itself is NOT accurate with the retelling of the brutalities of World War II but its more of a mockery of what really happened. Doing something like this is about as offensive as "cosplaying" Osama Bin Laden and standing in front of the World Trade Center ruins while holding a poster of the WTC collapse. You just don't do that!

Speaking of Ignorants and Hetalia, it bugs me that these kids, because they are silly kids, carry the national flags with no respect and even put them on the floor like most props. I am sorry, but in most national flag etiquette, doing that is a MAJOR offense to the national flags.
I feel awkward for opening this back up so much later, but I just discovered this incident.

I think the cosplayers that did this understand it was a STUPID move, and I forgive them, BUT, this is a good example of why you DON'T ABANDON COMMON SENSE. If you make a stupid move that spreads like this, people aren't going to just shrug it off and say "They're cosplayers.".

Hopefully, this will never happen to me. I'm the youngest cosplayer I know, and whenever we were learning about Nazi Germany in school, the words that stuck in my head were our teacher's: "I understand you guys are interested and enthusiastic about this, but DON'T go around doing things that will offend people."

And as far as the flags go, if they use the defense of 'It was heavy!!' Uhm, if you carry a big-ass flag to a con, duh, it's gonna be heavy. I think most Hetalia cosplayers need to be more careful and learn at least the basics of handling their flags, any offensive symbols or gestures, etc. to be respectful to anyone with history with the country.
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