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Maybe "industrial" for a serger, but there are plenty of domestic-class sewing machines that can handle heavier fabric.

My Singer 15-91 (made in 1933) is often mistakenly advertised as "industrial", but it's not and I've sewn leather with it easily and will be sewing real fur (so, decently thick leather with hair-on) with it in the soonish future.

I've worked with industrial machines, and you'd have to be very dedicated to pay the extreme cost AND to find a place to keep them - they're huge (one I've used would take up 2/3 of the space needed for a full size bed) and heavy (I would think you'd need more than two people to lift it) and built into their tables and are often built for a very specific and limited function.

I wouldn't recommend them for a first purchase. I'd get something cheap to find out and judge use and benefit and see what you're working with a year from now, first.
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