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well yes, of course it does, it was made in 1933. the older models are made of metal, often iron, not plastic like modern machines. they had stronger motors as well, partly due to the different market at that time. and they had fewer functions, so the few stitches they offered they performed very well. Many vintage model sewing machines are pretty much on par with some modern industrials.

Unfortunately, vintage machines are not anywhere near as prevalent as modern machines, so they're harder to find. And finding one in working order is even more difficult. So when most people are talking about sewing machines they're referencing modern machines, common consumer machines. Which is why I said given the choice between a [modern] consumer machine and industrial, I'd choose industrial. I'm also suspecting that you may have a totally different idea of "industrial" from your description. All the ones I've seen are pretty much the same size as a regular machine, they're not bed size or room size by any means. Friends keep them in their homes like any other hobby stuff. So we might not be talking about the same machine.

FWIW, every single person I know that does frequent costuming of some type either has an industrial machine, or wants one. And everyone who has one says "I wish I hadn't wasted money and time with the consumer machine." Which may just be hindsight talking, but I figured I'd share that. Which is why I suggested to the OP that an industrial may be a better bet *if they feel they'll be doing a lot of costuming*. Your experience may be contrary, I'm just sharing the benefit of the experience of many veteran sewing folks that I know, as well as my own.
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