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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
Just as an added note:

a. Some people make big deals out of nothing. They probably didn't see this as "a few silly cosplayers going too far" and more of a "Oh my god its Neo Nazis!!". In the public's eye.

b. Ignorance on flag respect... a lot of people just don't know you don't put flags on the ground

c. Hate the cosplayer, not the fandom. Just because a few Germany cosplayers messed up with the nazi slogans doesn't mean all Hetalia cosplayers are like that. I know i'm not... especially not THAT stupid o___o;;

Just throwing in my two cents since this thread happened to be revived.
*sees this thread for the first time* I totally agree with Axelai. But as a former I-don't-like-Hetalia-person (for the very reasons being brought up in this thread) who has now become a I-cosplay-Germany-but-know-where-to-draw-the-line....I think those of us who do cosplay Hetalia and do NOT fit into the clueless, silly, ignornorant, common-sense-lacking category are now going to have to work extra-hard to prove to everyone that not ALL Hetalia cosplayers are like this. Where to start? With photoshoots and panels. Those of us who ARE mature need to be the ones running these shoots and panels; this will prevent things like what happened at Anime Boston and also prove to the rest of the cosplay community that we DO know our history-not all of us are ignorant of it!!!! I would love to do a panel called "History for the Hetalia Fan....or anyone else!" (I'm NOT young...I've done a LOT of public speaking and teaching due to my job). Of course, I'd have to choose a historical event and stick to that, as there's a time limit!
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