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I agree that the blame for things like these should be placed on the individual and not the fandom, however the fandom has become increasingly...well...psychotic. My friends and I make a point NOT to go to Hetalia shoots because of all the idiocy that takes place. And I would blame the age of those who usually GO to the shoots, except that many of my friends are 16-17 and THEY don't even want to go because they don't want to be mobbed or have to put up with all the morons that are there. When it turns into everyone going 'you guys kiss' 'no you guys kiss' 'pretend you're getting married'....I mean, it gets old. I still love Hetalia but I think the fandom needs to chill out a little bit, because they make it not fun for those of us who know what public decency is. -_-

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