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Is Lolita something people would buy?

Like, purchase, as in Lolita style clothes?

Personally, I love the lolita style. I love the look of all the different branches of it, and I love the mindsets that go along with it. But, I'm a guy. And I dislike the victorian boys' outfit look. It's just... not the same.

So...I was trying to think of a way to satisfy my interest in the style and yet without wearing it, and I decided I'd love to use my sewing skills to MAKE Lolita stuff, and sell it. Though the money isn't really the goal at all, but seeing that people like what I've made, seeing people wear it.

So my question is: Would people be interested in lolita clothes if I made them? Is it something people would buy? I mean, I'm no professional but I can make fairly nice-quality stuff. I've got a ton of designs drawn-up and ideas for things but I'm trying to test the waters first. I don't want to spend a ton on materials and time on making the stuff if no one's going to want it or want to buy it.

So what do you guys think? I need suggestions. Is this something worth pursuing? And by the way, I'd prefer to avoid any messages like "you're a boy and not a pro, so anything you'd make is crap don't even try." I'm looking for either helpful suggestions or market feedback, not discouragement. Got enough of that from my brother, who thinks I'm going gay. :-)
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