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Well, seeing as I'm not a fabric genius...
1. How am I supposed to know that? I mean, in all honesty. What distinguishes "good" lace from "bad" lace? Just like, the toughness and style? Or is there some sort of type of stitch, some sort of cotton that I should avoid, etc...? I mean, I'm only just now hearing that there ARE different quality fabrics amongst types. I didn't realize there WAS such a thing as "bad" satin until just recently. How am I supposed to tell the difference, and why does it matter? Isn't it the look and the quality of production that matters?

2. Well obviously. But is there some sort of construction type that I should specifically AVOID for making lolita stuff?

3. Uh... I'm assuming this only applies to dresses? How on earth does an arm-warmer or hat keep the "lolita silhouette"?
Also, with the design... yes I'm trying to make them stand-out as unique. Honestly I think the design is my greatest strength: I may not be the most perfect seamster or most knowledgable about fabrics but I am (I've been told) a good designer/creator.

4. Can't do much about the high-res part, as I've got a 5 MPx camera and am not going to buy another camera just to take pictures of my clothes, not yet anyway. Not till i've got a flourishing business or something. As to well-lit... you mean to display the true garment colors, right? Just trying to make sure I know what people are looking for.

And thank you!

*1. Note: I just wanted to say that I'm not AGAINST buying high-quality or expensive fabrics. In fact, I'd be perfectly happy to do so if just to say that I did. What I'm trying to express is that I don't understand the difference, or how to tell them apart, or why it matters if the construction is good.

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