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1. Here is a guide on lace. Read up on it.

Quality is important because you want something that is nice and will last for a long time. Even if it looks really pretty, no serious lolita will buy it if the materials are sub-par.

2. Ororo is just telling you straight up that is has to be something that will last. No other meaning to it other than that.

3. First off, arm warmers are not part of lolita. I would not recommend even trying to design any.

Since you mentioned clothes, yes Ororo was talking about dresses and such.

When being unique, try not to step out of the box too much, because sometimes it will have to opposite effect of what you really intended. Keep it relatively simple but still eye catching.

4. If your pictures suck, no one would want to buy your clothes or accesories. There are things you will have to spend money on if you want to set up a shop, a good camera being one of them. For well lit pictures you need plenty of light and a light background to work with for darker items, and a dark background for lighter items.

Also, if you love lolita, what's stopping you from dressing in it? There are plenty of other guys like you out there, we call them brolitas. Nothing wrong dressing in what you love.

Sorry if I seem short but I'm just getting straight to the point. I do not intend to sound like a bitch in any way or form. I am extremely supportive of anyone who gets into lolita fashion and the lolita community is also very supportive of people who make things such as what you are looking in to.
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