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Hi Eleksin

It's easier for me to think in a linear fashion so, I'm gonna go with the bullet points again :-)
1. lol ok I'm not a COMPLETE idiot...maybe dumb sometimes but... yeah. Of course, I want to buy materials that are nice quality and not junky. And of course, I want to make clothes that are also nice quality. I want people to be happy with them! My confusion comes because I've now heard several times from different sources that lolita clothes ESPECIALLY need to be high-quality. Which, to me, sounds like it's therefore something different from the nice quality EVERY garment should be. So... what is it I'm missing? What is unique/special about the quality or make of lolita garments?

2. Gotcha.

3. Why not? Who decides that? I mean, lolita started as a street fashion (sorta), so... why can't I make unique garment pieces? I'm not talking stretchy rocker arm-warmers here, or something knitted. I'm talking about fur and lace garments that tie at the elbow with bright pink ribbon. Seems lolita to me.
Hmm. I appreciate your desire to help me be succesful at making stuff, so thank you, first off. But at the same time... the whole draw for me is designing things. I want to make stuff people will like not because I want people to have things I made, but because I want to make things they like. Make sense? Like, what's important to me is seeing someone is happy with my design and wants to wear it, NOT that someone has a garment I constructed. Obviously, I could just copy existing patterns. But I want to INVENT, and CREATE. Can't do that if I box myself in.
So yeah, i'm not talking over-the-top here. But every artist has to be unique. If no one innovates, nothing new will never come around.

4. Yes that's true. For now (and probably for a while) I'm just experimenting. I'm just seeing if the stuff I make/design is things peope would want and like. So, for now, y'all are gonna have to stare at my only-average camera shots ;-)
No no, you're not being a bitch! Why would I think that? You're being honest! And that's a good thing!
lol now that I've said that I should put-in a disclaimer that I'm not trying to be bitchy either. So be merciful ;-)

And sorry for the long posts. :-(
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