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To tell you the truth, if you asking all these questions then no, I probably wouldn't buy anything from you. You obviously don't have a grasp on lolita fashion entirely (or even importance of fabrics or construction or quality in clothing development in general), especially to even start thinking about making lolita clothing for others. I mean, your implying that fur armwarmers or something with lace are ribbon are lolita...? How long have you been observing the style? o_O

Sorry to be harsh, but I see all these random people trying to make money on lolitas and they aren't even bothering to do their research on the market or even what's in in terms of trends and what we demand quality wise -- this doesn't seem any different. Its pretty annoying to say the least. All I can say is lurk more, hang out with some actual lolitas and do some research before dabbling in something like this if you want to be taken seriously. You keep saying you want to do something innovative with your designs but how the heck are you going to do that when you obviously lack the basics of the style?
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