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I can see what you are trying to do here with wanting something unique and of your own design however a few key points kind of bothered me while I read your reply. I am an avid sewer and enjoy making my whole outfit from the op, to the accessories which include headbows and scarves for winter time, the wristcuffs, and now I am even doing my own print with a friend of mine. I have complete control of what I shall be producing however I still follow the guidelines that make the fashion lolita which are basic elements like a bell shaped skirt to the knees, not showing excessive amounts of skin, and accessorizing to tie an outfit together.

I think what bothered me the most is this comment:
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3. Why not? Who decides that? I mean, lolita started as a street fashion (sorta), so... why can't I make unique garment pieces? I'm not talking stretchy rocker arm-warmers here, or something knitted. I'm talking about fur and lace garments that tie at the elbow with bright pink ribbon. Seems lolita to me
This is like the age old battle of if it has lace then it is autmatically Lolita. Pink ribbon does not make a garment sweet lolita, it just makes it a garment with pink trim on it. Anything that ties around your elbow region and has the intention of being on your arm is an armwarmer so in essence you are making arm-warmers. I agree with Lolita*Neko that you should look examples of the different styles a lot more to get a better grasps of outfits. is a great place to see the sewing projects of other seasoned Lolitas and what inspire them to do their designs while will show you an array of outfits that people like to put together.
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