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Originally Posted by Sword-Saint View Post
Well, seeing as I'm not a fabric genius...
1. How am I supposed to know that? I mean, in all honesty. What distinguishes "good" lace from "bad" lace?

3. Uh... I'm assuming this only applies to dresses? How on earth does an arm-warmer or hat keep the "lolita silhouette"?
Also, with the design... yes I'm trying to make them stand-out as unique. Honestly I think the design is my greatest strength: I may not be the most perfect seamster or most knowledgable about fabrics but I am (I've been told) a good designer/creator.

4. Can't do much about the high-res part
I'm going to be honest here:

1. If you can't distinguish good lace from bad lace you really shouldn't be sewing lolita outfits. Someone isn't going to pay 200+ dollars for something if it's horrible quality. I'm not even a professional nor hobbyist when it comes to sewing but even I know what's bad lace.

3. Armwarmers are not very accepted in Lolita fashion, so I would strongly advise trying to sell armwarmers as lolita. Also tophats are usually looked down upon and advised against. First do research on what's considered lolita then try to come up with design ideas.

4. If you're really serious about selling your products, find a photographer friend or someone with a high resolution camera to take the pictures for you. Loltias WILL NOT spend money on something they can't see very well.
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