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Alrighty then.
See, I thought by asking questions and stuff I WAS showing that I cared and am interested. I AM trying to do research, obviously, or I wouldn't be posting asking folks for help!

I AM serious when I say what is the point of trying to invent things if you can't find a way to incorporate new ideas? I hear that, obviously, arm warmers are out as far as Lolita style is concerned. What I don't understand is why, besides that no one does it apparently. Wouldn't it be possible to make arm-warmers that DID fit with the style? Or are you really going to tell me that the fashion excludes certain clothing accessories?

I'm not attempting to make a store here. I just thought this would be cool to do as a hobby. I guess tone is hard to get across in forum posts, so that's something, but man. If I'm encountering this much resistance just from trying to understand, then... why bother?

I lack the basics of the style? Well so far what I've heard is that you demand expensive clothes, made from expensive fabrics. But I haven't actually heard anything about LOOK or such. I'm trying to understand, because I think it's a cool fashion. Instead of giving up on me and telling me to piss off, SHOW me what to do! Help me understand. Give me suggestions of fabrics or colors or sites or stylists or whatever. How am I supposed to learn if all I get is a finger and a kick out the door?

This should NOT be that hard. Consider this: I COULD have just posted the stuff I want to sell, marketed myself as a real professional lolita producer, and screwed lots of people over, couldn't I? But instead, I am trying to make sure I'm HELPING, rather than hurting, the fashion and its wearers. Isn't that a good thing?
I'm not going to devote my life to becoming a professional lolita-clothing designer. That's not my goal. I know how to sew, I know how to design, and despite what you think I DO understand the basics of the style. I know the prints and the colors and the variations in the sub-styles. I know the lengths and the shapes. Like I said, I COULD just make knock-offs. But why do that? Why take from others when I can invent my own things?
You're right. I don't know much about different fabric types but why do I need to know all these different types if I can put them together? Do you really care about my motivation for choosing a particular cloth if it's the nice quality in the end?
I want to learn. Sheesh, I'm TRYING to make stuff for folks JUST LIKE YOU! I'm saying I like your style. So, help me! Like I said, I don't care about getting money for my stuff. I just want people to like it! So, help me figure out what lolitas like. Please.
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