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The problem is you didn't seem to be asking questions about the style, which you don't seem to comprehend fully. Instead you're asking questions about selling things, which doesn't make sense without a lot of research. So then. Might I suggest some stickies?

A Quick Lolita Handbook
Lolita Link List

And also some good old fashioned reliable guides?

The Lolita Handbook
Lolita Fashion .org

You say you're well acquainted, but honestly not knowing what good or bad lace is and thinking arm warmers are appropriate sounds like you could at least use some brushing up on the basics. The reason that arm warmers aren't generally accepted is because they make you look like a mall goth, which we try to distance ourselves from. It's the same reason why mini top-hats have faded out, although arm warmers were never popular to begin with.

You also seem to keep asking why things deviating from the style won't work, and that's simply because lolita is very strict about guidelines. You might sell some ~special snowflake~ things, but not to a lot of real lolitas. Real lolitas want good quality things that typically have to stay far enough inside the lines to go with the rest of their wardrobe.

...also yes, you will need a nicer camera as others have stated.
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