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Akira Akemi
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Curious of idea what do you think.

I am planning on going to AX2011 this coming year and i have two cosplay ideas in mind, i was curious to see what people thought.
The first one would be a female sasuke (yes i know over done) but rather than a skimpy outfit I thought something more character related would work. I was going to stick to the classic hair style and go with the cure mark, but for the main of the costume I am going to do a double layer kimono blue and white for colors, a little un-traditional is style and make it bigger so I can show the shoulder that is marked.
And for the second cosplay I am thinking of a female scorpion for mortal kombat. I want to take it a little bit out of character, really I just donít want to wear a body suit. But I thought combat boots with something like cargo pants, Iím still debating on the top but possibly a covering bikini, of course with a yellow tunic, and the mask. How well would you think white contacts would work, I would like to be ape to see versus the fully covering clouded contacts. And for my favorite part, to do black and yellow transitional dreads. I know how to make them and I think it could be epic.
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