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Thank you Meiki.

Ok maybe I'm using the wrong word...maybe arm warmers isn't the term I'm looking for, because I know what YOURE talking about and that's not the image I have in my head... but I don't know another way to describe it, so... nevermind. I guess I meant more like handmuffs. You know, those fluffy things you put your hands in in winter to keep warm? Arm warmers! Arg.

As to the lace: ok, this is really bothering me. There IS no such thing as good or bad lace people! Eesh. Either it is well MADE or NOT well made. Good and bad don't describe it. In the end, if it's well made, the determining factor for the fashion should be LOOK, right? So I've just been going off what I think looks cool with it. I didn't realize that there WERE such things as 'good or bad' lace. I thought it was just down to quality and style preference.

I hear you with the quality. I can totally understand that. I WANT to make good-quality stuff. Never said I didn't.
My confusion comes with the style guidlines. Fitting with the wardrobe I can understand. But since when does EVERY dress in the style have to use, for example, surged edges at the bottom hem? (I'm just giving an example here, don't know if that's true or not). I mean, why couldn't the bottom hem be overlocked instead? See what I'm saying? It sounds like very arbitrary guidelines that some designer once upon a time came up with to lock others out of the market. Leastwise, that's how it feels.

Eleksin, I'm not asking you to sugarcoat stuff. Sorry if I implied that. I'm asking for tools to get me where I want to be, and to avoid just telling me "it can't be done, give up." That's helpful for none of us. And I'm not pointing a finger at you either, just expressing my frustration. I feel like I came here excited to show everyone what I've made, trying to make sure I'm on the right track, and I got told to go home without trying. See how that might make me feel crappy?
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