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I want to emphasize that girls with lots of breasts but a tiny ribcage CAN wear brand clothing. At my biggest of 30FF I could wear vintage 2005/2006 Juliet et Justine. JetJ is considered one of the most unforgiving brands too. Please excuse my flatter-than-dead petticoat.

Also Victorian Maiden blouses will fit but you won't be able to lift your arms.

Blouses with extra fabric around the chest actually works very well for me. I'm just not sure if this style will work for others though. As you can see, I actually look very small on top. Crazy.

I'm the typical Asian pear-shape if my breasts were sliced off. My ribcage is 28", my waist is 25" and hips are 35.5". Empire-waist dresses or high-waist skirts look wonderful on me. Babydoll-style on the other Just no. I look like I'm swimming in fabric but worse, I look pregnant.
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