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It doesn't seem to me like you are truly listening to what you are being recommended about doing research on coordinates and sub-styles. Every other post you counter with old quotes and remarks about how you want to be creative in your clothes and that everything doesn't have to fall into a certain category. If you have to constantly ask if an item fits into a style, if certain ideas would "technically" be Lolita but not really", or keep going back to the "well it's fashion you can do what you want in a fashion"; then no, you do not know enough to be producing garments for sale
Most Lolitas love the fashion for the elegance, the beauty and the reverance of not having to bare all your skin to be feminine. Coming into the fashion with more of a want to profit first than a respect of the love people have for the fashion will get people to question your motives. To me all it looks like is you want to make a quick buck off the fashion not partake in it or admire it. You don't know much about the styles, basics of coordination, or construction of garments. I'm sorry if I seem harsh but with any fashion I dislike when it looks like money is the only thing important.
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