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Originally Posted by Ororo Howlett View Post
You see, in order to infuse your style into a fashion that has guidelines such as lolita, you MUST know the basics. The problem we are running into with you is that you are asking some very basic questions that someone who is just getting into lolita would ask, yet you're ready to sell the things you make. It's just as if I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy and said "Hey I'm ready to practice medicine! Erm... what does MD mean?" You have to walk before you can run.

This is why Meiki (and others) said that you need more research. Not just on the lolita side of things, but go get some books on textiles and other topics that would help a budding designer. Some sewing books have chapters dedicated to fabric types and embellishments.
THIS SO HARD. I always say I would never sell anything I have never made before for myself or at least practiced on so to me (and obviously the majority of us) your going at it backwards. Reading your posts I'm doubting you more and more, which is why I originally said before to lurk and and observe actual lolitas and even well known brands and I still stand by it. Actually, go and see actual lolitas and especially brand clothing in person - it seriously gives you a different view on the clothing and its much better than just looking at pictures on your computer screen.

Try making simple lolita clothes - not to sell, but to get practice. The way I see it your apparently a fellow seamstress/tailor and designer... I shouldn't have to tell you what fabric to use for a simple blouse or a simple JSK. Your apparently into lolita enough to feel confident in making clothes for other people - why are you asking us why quality construction and using the right fabrics/lace is so important [and trying to tell us that there is no such thing as good and bad lace..? WTF. xD)? You should know these things already hence why I wouldn't buy anything from you. Branching off on this, I don't know how your work is. I've never seen you or anyone in clothes - lolita clothes especially - in things you've made for everyday wear. How do you expect me to give you money for it?

I'm all for creativity in lolita, but if you don't know the style well enough in the first place its not going to go well. When it comes to offering your things to sell if you go too out of the box no one is going to buy your things because they won't fit in their wardrobes. It might even go too costume-ish and show that your a novice. Lolita fashion is already a niche style and that makes it that much easier to alienate yourself if your so special-snowflake-ish. It has nothing to do with elitism or trying to keep people out of the market - its just the way it is.
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