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I've been working out on and off for about..almost two years now. :x Which is sad, I should have reached my goal by then...but I haven't.

Start: 170 (Nov o9)
Current: 138 (nov 1o)
Goal: 110-120 lbs (hopefully Jan 11)

I usually stick to exercising for...maximum two weeks, slip up a day, and then tell myself, I'll start up again, and I never do. I don't eat much, but with my body type, I HAVE to work out to see results. I do about 30-60minutes of cardio a day, breaking it up into 10 minute segments throughout the day. I also lift weights, working different body parts every day.

Chest-Mon, Legs/Abs-Tues, Shoulders-Weds, Back/Triceps-Thurs, Legs/Abs-Fri Sat-Pilates , Sun-Yoga.
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