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Just wanted to say a few things.

1. Fabric does not have to be expensive. Where did you get that idea?

2. Everyone here has been nothing but helpful. You, sir, are the one being unreasonable. The lolita community is pretty accepting - all we ask is that people do their research and get the style right and if they don't then take whatever criticism with stride and try again. You are not doing that - its seems like your just plugging your ears until you hear something you like. That's not how it works in the real world.

3. I make and sell my own things and its [naturally, since I am one] geared towards lolitas. I like to see people going out there and seeing what they have to offer when it comes to well made and thought-out handmade items. I know the majority of the lolitas feel the same way and despite what you say no one has ever said in this thread that you should give up. All we are saying is before you think of making things to sell, get a grasp of who your trying to attract and what your actually doing. Your going to have a hard time with that, especially considering your starting off offending the people apart of the community you seem to want to please. Good luck with that.
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