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Apologies to those whom i offended. I was just making an opinion on the first two pages of responses, which seemed a little rude and not helpful.

Originally Posted by lolita*neko View Post
And directly to Axelai: who the heck are you talking about? I never see anyone being flat out rude to newbies in the style in my years of being into lolita, yet I still hear stories like this - I'm beginning to think people are either too sensitive/paranoid or there's some secret douch-bag lolita community. xD I'm honestly curious as to who talked to you like that. :c
Well, specifically to me, the people at Anime Expo. There was a very nice lolita girl who sold me a Bodyline dress at a shop in the dealer hall. She was VERY very nice. I bought the pink dress and a petticoat. When i wore it the next day, i saw a lolita in a super nice dress. A white dress with a blue ice cream type pattern on the bottom. I complimented her dress, and she gave me this sneering look. Later, i went to a stand at Artist Alley selling lolita accessories. She gave me one look and ignored me.

It was like... the first time i wore anything lolita. And everyone was so standoffish and snobby that it made me feel like i was doing something wrong. I found out later that the black shoes i was wearing weren't lolita enough, and i needed more accessories. But how was i supposed to know that? No one had told me at the time. Everyone either glared at me or ignored me. If they had told me the rules of the fashion then and there, i would have bought the needed additions at the con and everything would have been fine.

In this forum too, i don't see people being outright rude, but i see some people being a little... i don't know how to say it. Elitest? Like, acting superior for their knowledge. It really upsets me. This is just a fashion. A fashion with a lot of rules, but a fashion nonetheless. So when people act better than others just because they know the rules, its upsetting to me.
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