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Originally Posted by SecretSoliloquy View Post
Um, it is a style of clothing, not molecular physics.
But making the style unique and stand out is difficult. Anyone can just wear a pink blouse with a pink dress with pink accessories and shoes. It gets difficult when you start adding different colors, changing the style to fit another, then it becomes a bit more difficult.

It's not molecular physics, but having an unique style in a fashion that's already pretty unique is a hard thing to do.

@Axelai: I think you may have encountered one of the more infamous snotty elitist. When I first started lolita I had a bunch of elitiest sneering and turn up their noses at me. Even years later after refining my style, I still get one or two girls who think they're all that and make fun of anyone and everyone just because they can. People like this shouldn't ruin a fashion for you, there's always that on jerk who dampens your day but be better than them and don't do the same to others. Just learn more about the style, get involved in the community, and enjoy lolita for yourself!

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