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But making the style unique and stand out is difficult. Anyone can just wear a pink blouse with a pink dress with pink accessories and shoes. It gets difficult when you start adding different colors, changing the style to fit another, then it becomes a bit more difficult.

It's not molecular physics, but having an unique style in a fashion that's already pretty unique is a hard thing to do.
I understand that there are many rules to this particular style. My point was, that it is just a style of clothing, nothing more, nothing less. I find it rather a waste of energy to put down people who don't do exactly what maybe a select ten people who 'pioneered' the style would do with an outfit. It seems to me that anyone who would put so much money, energy and time into looking a very specific way might be lacking a sense of purpose in their personal lives. Just seems that kind of energy and perfectionism should go towards something with more meaning.
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