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Originally Posted by SecretSoliloquy View Post
As long as you're happy with yourself. So many people involved in lolita spend so much of their time criticizing the fashion choices of others that it seems unlikely that they are.
So anyone with a hobby is wasting their time? Cool to know.
On my free time sometimes I like to con crit outfits. Its just what I do... I like seeing what people come up with and putting my two cents in if they ask for it because I love clothes and the their endless possibilities.

Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
Well, specifically to me, the people at Anime Expo. There was a very nice lolita girl who sold me a Bodyline dress at a shop in the dealer hall. She was VERY very nice. I bought the pink dress and a petticoat. When i wore it the next day, i saw a lolita in a super nice dress. A white dress with a blue ice cream type pattern on the bottom. I complimented her dress, and she gave me this sneering look. Later, i went to a stand at Artist Alley selling lolita accessories. She gave me one look and ignored me.

It was like... the first time i wore anything lolita. And everyone was so standoffish and snobby that it made me feel like i was doing something wrong. I found out later that the black shoes i was wearing weren't lolita enough, and i needed more accessories. But how was i supposed to know that? No one had told me at the time. Everyone either glared at me or ignored me. If they had told me the rules of the fashion then and there, i would have bought the needed additions at the con and everything would have been fine.
To be honest no one's going to come up to you and give you outfit tips. I'm sure you would've been much more put off from a girl giving you random outfit crit to your face than a few people not paying you any mind. I know I would be put off by it which is why I would never to it to another person. >_>
Although that one chick was being a jerk doesn't mean that all or the majority of us are like that or the people that were ignoring you are like that. I know at conventions I'm desensitized to other lolitas. I won't come up and chat with one unless I know them or I'm prompted to talk to them some how. I'm sure its the same for others - its kinda like whether or not your doing it wrong to some people its like 'oh, another girl dressed up all frilly.' - its nothing to take personally. I see so many lolis that I don't know at cons and we never speak the entire weekend; its no big deal. With that said, don't let one incident stop you from wearing lolita! Especially just because people didn't react to your first lolita outfit as great as you would've liked. You have to start somewhere.

In this forum too, i don't see people being outright rude, but i see some people being a little... i don't know how to say it. Elitest? Like, acting superior for their knowledge. It really upsets me. This is just a fashion. A fashion with a lot of rules, but a fashion nonetheless. So when people act better than others just because they know the rules, its upsetting to me.
I'm sorry you see it that way... If we were elitist in anyway I'm sure girls like Meiki wouldn't wouldn't take their free time to make all those sticky posts to help out newbies and keep it updated. We wouldn't take the time to host panels IRL to help out others or come here regularly. I admit I'm fairly blunt when I comment here mostly, but I feel that's the most efficient way to post. I don't comment here to start drama, show that I'm better than someone or argue, I'm here to help out people who need it, share my knowledge and chat about lolita. Its really annoying to come here and try and talk or debate about something in a civil matter only for people to think your try to start crap because you don't sprinkle smileys all over. :c
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