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Originally Posted by Garen View Post
Edit: For what it's worth, I stuck in a pic of the broadcloth dress. It's meant to be cosplay, but I'm the type who makes everything as clothing rather than costumes anyway. I think she's worn it as a dress since then, and I hope to everything she pulled the petticoat higher.
Fai and Sakura?

God, I love broadcloth. Relatively cheap, but decent quality and perfect for most of my Loli and cosplay needs!! Gets wrinkly easily though >.<

As far as deviating from the "rules" as long as you are well informed, experienced and know what you are doing, I have seen amazing outfits that break some of the general guidelines, but no one would go "THAT ISN't LOLITA!!!" It is all about coordinating and knowing what you are doing.

And in order for something to be considered loli, it doesn't have to have lace. Usually it does, but sometimes it doesn't. Innocent world has a lot of laceless dresses.
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