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Originally Posted by lolita*neko View Post
When I post here and in every community I'm a part of online I am being genuine and nice. I don't really act any different online than I do in person. So what your telling me is that I'm not suited to help others because I'm a bit blunt and tell it like it is? I see it like this: Would you rather someone be honest about your outfit and give you straight to the point constructive crit in a respectful matter, or would you rather have someone so concerned with having a great reputation and being ultra sweet that when you ask a serious question they sugarcoat it so much you didn't actually learn anything? With the first choice it might sting a bit, but at least your walking away with better knowledge of the style. That's the way I learn things of this matter so that's the way I teach it.

If I felt it was annoying and beneath me to give advice, believe me I wouldn't. I wouldn't be spending time I could be sewing to built my own wardrobe and prepping for my artist alley tables to plan lolita panels or regularly check up on this forum. I'm sorry you may think that I'm condescending and being impatient or whatever because that's not what I'm trying to do.
Agh, no, I'm not calling you those things. I know I was talking to you, but I meant "you" in the general sense of the word - sorry if you felt targeted out or offended by it, I should have been clearer now that I read back. Yes, I agree with you - honest and constructive crit IS good, of course. Constructive being the key word. Sugarcoated places just make one feel like a babied 5yr old. I just feel that Axelai has a reasonable argument that, sometimes, when I see newbs chased off lolita comms because of fights breaking out in their first threads, the people posting there aren't so much helping them constructively as pointing out all their flaws and having a "you know nothing" attitude, which hardly equates to help. And that has nothing to do with expecting frilly girls to be sweet as far as I'm concerned, people should simply be polite when giving advice.

And yes, I think this argument is getting nowhere... but I just wanted to post to clarify.
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