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Originally Posted by celticfreefall View Post
Oh lol, you.

And that would be an excellent argument if I actually had anything to do with the OP content in this thread. Which I didn't. And far from being irate, I'm enjoying some America's Funniest Home Videos and playing fetch with my dog. If responding politely to your fallacious arguments and attempted ad hominem attacks is being irate, then color me purple and call me a cupcake. I realize that you're not going to change your mind about "us lolitas" no matter what kind of logic I throw at you, but, that's not really going to stop me from pointing out the fact that you're not making any sense.
For you to come out of nowhere and answer a post I made in response to an argument you weren't originally involved in classifies as irate to me. It's true we're typing and not speaking, which makes differentiating moods based on tone impossible, but the words you chose and the punctuation you used led me to believe you were, at the very least, miffed.

Once again, you're replying to me generally, so I don't even know which 'argument' you're referring to.
And that you still see my opinion as an 'attack' and 'fallacious' is, again, interesting.
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