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An argument is just another term for presenting facts, and try looking up ad hominem attack (in reference to do with the "you are" bit). That's the name for a debate strategy, it's nothing to do with warfare or me thinking that you're tossing rocks. And many your arguments are fallacious. A lot of the points you're trying to make just simply aren't based in fact.

I frequent these forums from time to time, though I mostly stick around for newbies on currently since they tend to be worse off. I loled when I dropped in to read the first wanky part of this thread, and then commented when I saw you making some statements that weren't jiving hoping to give you a different point of view. In any case, being that you're not a lolita jumping into a lolita forum, I'd say that jumping in on a conversation shouldn't be that big of a logical upset.

I think you're getting into the assumption that everyone is trying to verbally jump you, which isn't the case. As a few of the other girls who know me well can say, this is just how I type. I'm a short and concise kind of person.
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