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I didn't post for last weeks weigh in, so this week I have two. I'm kind of confused about my weight loss though.

Last week:
Start weight: 130.5lbs
Current weight: 130.5lbs
Goal weight: 113lbs

This week:
Start weight: 130.5lbs
Current weight: 128.5lbs
Goal weight: 113lbs

What confuses me is that the first week I ate completely vegan - carrots, lettuce, etc. and I exercised 5 days out of 7. But I didn't lose a pound. Then the second week, I lost some of my drive. I only worked out 2 days, and I ate a lot of cake and junk food. My weigh in day was the day after Thanksgiving, during which I stuffed myself with turkey, gravy, and stuffing. So how did I lose weight the second week but not the first? >.< And does this mean cake makes you lose weight? XD
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