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Originally Posted by merokothebunny View Post
I didn't post for last weeks weigh in, so this week I have two. I'm kind of confused about my weight loss though.

Last week:
Start weight: 130.5lbs
Current weight: 130.5lbs
Goal weight: 113lbs

This week:
Start weight: 130.5lbs
Current weight: 128.5lbs
Goal weight: 113lbs

What confuses me is that the first week I ate completely vegan - carrots, lettuce, etc. and I exercised 5 days out of 7. But I didn't lose a pound. Then the second week, I lost some of my drive. I only worked out 2 days, and I ate a lot of cake and junk food. My weigh in day was the day after Thanksgiving, during which I stuffed myself with turkey, gravy, and stuffing. So how did I lose weight the second week but not the first? >.< And does this mean cake makes you lose weight? XD
The short answer is that often when you first start to burn fat the body doesn't want to change. Often you will retain water, so even though your body fat is going down your weight does not. What will be effective for many people is something called carb cycling, or basically eating a greater deal of carbs for one day, (this is usually more controlled then a binge) but it allows the body to drop the water.

I myself looked great the day after Thanksgiving despite all those tasty tasty brownies.

Try to stick with clean eating, make sure you eat enough, and no cake is not a a great diet plan.
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