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My choices of lycra turned out to be pretty limited locally --- can't find it in the color I'm looking for, not really inclined to order it as I'm unsure on how well I'll do with fabric.

I've turned my head towards using latex as the last covering with paint to match the makeup, doing so would enable tme to also make it merge pretty well to my skin without just being a fabric covering.

The starting base is that of a construction helmet (Which I remove some of the excess parts of), it gives a base increase to my head (Upwards and all sides) and also ensures stability of it. Using foam, I'm planning to give it a rounder look (Papier maché didn't give me the end result I was expecting --- but I might just suck with it ).

Problem is that I can't use foam for the back of my upper neck where this unnatural head should connect, that's where latex might be a decent idea on this end. Still toying with it in order to get the best end result.

Though I'll likely try foam that hasn't been given the glue treatment, see if it's a possibility and would still allow head movement.

I've also found a commissionner for the suit & gun, so that project is a go, just need to wrap up and make the head so it's usable.
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