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Will NEVER buy from Cosworx again!

Name of Merchant: Cosworx
Item purchased: XL Punky wig in red x1
Timeline (how long your order took to process): before or after complaints? Essentially, I got the product nearly two weeks after the promised deadline.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Pro: Cheap and good quality wigs

Cons: Do not care about their customers in the least. Unethical. Dishonest.

Comments: Would never return my calls or emails. On their website, they explicitly state that their cosplay wigs should be ordered two weeks before needed date. I did order mine 3+ weeks before I needed it. After two weeks with no sign of the wig, I started trying to contact them. I left multitudes of messages, called during business hours and no one would pick up the phone. I left multitudes of emails as well. Three days before I needed it (this is 3 weeks after I ordered this), I contacted PayPal and opened a dispute. I also reported them to the Better Business Bureau. I had to buy the same wig from another website for 108 dollars ($60 to overnight it so I would have it in time). I stated in the Paypal complaint that I wanted a refund and they could keep the item. Instead, they sent the item priority which still arrived late. They still won't answer the phone or their emails so now I have two identical wigs that cost me $160 when it should have only cost $50 from Cosworx had they actually done their job. TERRIBLE business and I will NEVER buy from them again. I now have this unpleasant experience so I have to really think twice before trusting these cosplay websites again. I would also like to add that AFTER the con, with the wig still in the packaging, I kept trying to contact them again and again, and they still won't answer me or the BBB. Paypal was gracious enough to refund half the cost of the purchase. So the thread by the admin stating that they've cleaned up their act is a complete lie. It's the same old same old.

Final Grade: F-

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