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Monday: core Abs, Back
Abs: 25 In & Outs, 50 Bicycles half reverse, 25 Crunchy Frog, 2x V-sit for as long as I can 2-3x Dragon Flys on a bench 20 In & Outs, 2x 20 Front planks using hips to simulate a slight crunch, 15-20 side ab dumbells (40-45lbs), 2x 50 Mason Twist with 10lbs ball.

Back: 2x 10 wide grip pulls ups, 2x neutral grip pull up but held stationary to widen Lats for as long as I can, 2x-3x of 10 40-lbs Bent-Arm Barbell Pullover,2x of 15 trapezius pushups using elbows similar to front planks but for trapezius, trapezius Machine (reverse side of chest machine also targets deltoids), Finally The Tbar 2x 10 70lbs

Tuesday: Shoulders, Biceps, triceps and cardio (running/jump rope)

Wednesday: Legs, Core Abs
Deadlifts, Squats, same ab routine as above somtimes I switch out things for ball back support crunches.

Sorry for getting lazy and typing every little thing I do but its too much...
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