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-At School / Outside-
Speed walk only: Only slowed down with friend in the hallway. Also done outside
Stairway UP: Skip every other step or more.
Stairway DOWN: If I don't have a bag, jump from top to bottom or if tired, jump from half way. (Most likely bad for the knees :S) If I do have a bag, jump from little more half way down.

-At Home-
Jog or Run: No walking
Weights: 4lbs dumbbells on each arm and practice martial arts with them (Those are my only weights... I live in a small place you see)
Stairway UP: Every other step or more.
Stairway DOWN: Not as extreme as School as I have less room and a ceiling to worry about. I hop down the last 4 steps.
Before Sleep: Stretch, 20~40 Push ups, 50~100 sit ups. The amount depends on my mood, energy, stress.. etc.

-Hanging out with friends-
Parkour when I can =). Hehe~!

I always do the same thing every day, sometimes altering my practice.

Breakfast: None but water. (Really)
Lunch: Left over dinner usually and other food my friends offer. Grapes, oranges, bread.

Sunday: Take out. Rice, Fried fish, fried chicken, Tofu, Soy Milk. Soup*
Monday: Rice, some.. Chinese meat? Orange after meal. Soup*
Tuesday: Rice, potatoes, beef, brocoli, Soup*
Wednesday: Rice, steamed pork meat, eggyolk mix with mushroom.
Thursday: Rice, cooked fish /w black pepper, white vegetable.
Friday: Rice, tomatoes /w carrot some kind of sauce ontop, cut up long green vegetable (?) with fried pork that is cut into tiny pieces. Soup*
Saturday: I cook every other week. large bowl of noodles, with special ketchup sauce (altered moms recipe a bit for it)
If I'm not cooking: Out to eat, Sushi, Sashimi, fried shrimp OR chicken castu, with rice, and salad.
* I have no idea what's in the soup. :3

Well that's how I really go everyday.. People think I'm crazy yes, but that's part of the fun ^^
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