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Walking: 6km (around 3.7 miles) in 45 min even though it was raining heavily.
Sit ups 20: done
Oblique sit ups 15 each side: done
muscle training in upper arms 13x2 reps per arm:

Pure carrot juice from Bolthouse
1 large Slice of non-buttered Parisian bread with fish fillet. (I'm Asian. I eat anything for breakfast and we never have butter at home)

Tuna sandwich with multi grain bread
sesame whole grain crackers with hummus
chia seed with water drink

afternoon snack (kinda close to dinner actually)
1/4 of a large chocolate muffin
orange/mango/peach juice

Mushroom with pork sautee
grilled salmon with onions
1 cup white rice
and like a tiny square of cheese cake

*sigh* Need to do groceries. There is nothing but tofu spread, picked red peppers and orange juice with 2 pears in the fridge. I'm actually not happy at the fact that there are no vegetables.

btw guys any advice for a sorta lactose intolerant person to get her calcium (I can eat certain processed stuff)? I've tried lactose free milk and find it absolutely disgusting. Also rapidly getting sick of soy milk.

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