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Wait... what?!
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Crap. I didn't exercise today. Or eat.
I got a call saying I had to change my shift from mids to days tomorrow, so when I woke up, found out I'll have to go to sleep in a couple hours... T ^T
I guess this is a few hours early... but dunno if ill be online when it for real is time to post... Need to go sleep.

@kamen rider - ive always wanted to do taekwondo. ^^ Im assuming its super fun?

@greenclouds - Im not lactose intolerant, but I do hate the taste of milk... so maybe I can help. ^^
And you wont have to take icky pills hopefully.
Spinach, yogurt, beans, nuts, fish, fortified orange juice, broccoli, and different types of peas all have calcium. ^^ those are the things I rely on to get my calcium since I dont drink milk. And they all taste pretty spiffy. <3 ^^ Just remember moderation.
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