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Woo day two!
No exercise today, it's a day off.

Breakfast granola and yogurt w/blueberries two cups coffee, 2 cups water
Lunch: Homemade fried rice: cabbage, carrots, and an over easy egg on top, glass of milk
snack: half square of dark chocolate 2 cups water
dinner: salad, green beans, fish, mashed potatoes 2cups water
desert: a truffle, more water, maybe some tea later

@Slapthefatcat I dunno about you but when I used to be a line cook, or now when I cook at home I focus on trying to work my arms as I cook. Rubbing down the cast iron skillets at the end of the night is a particular bicep burner when I hold them over the trash instead of letting them rest on the counter.
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