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Originally Posted by supermau5 View Post
Keep us updated how this one goes.... I can help you out if all else fails. (Check out my sig links).
Checked, shame that there's no reference pictures though. My atual plan is just for the enlarged cranium, I plan to use face paint for the face and exposed skin, so I can make some expressions in costume.

I've tore my first try apart, recuperating the helmet and using actual insulation foam, made the general shape, the rough cut and sanding is done for the upper part, now I need some stuff to fill in the gaps between the foam and correct the minor cut/sand mistakes I've done on the whole thing. I've padded the top with craft foam (Since I only needed a few millimeters of stuff to cover the hole and mold over the helmet's top), but I might tear that out and replace it with a thinner layer of insulation foam, craft foam is a little too flimsy and can't be sanded

I might require to rework some parts, as the angle I'd need to connect the forehead and sides of my actual head to the prop would be too steep to provide something that remotely looks natural --- or so I think.

Checking my options for the lower part right now, if I mold something to fit, use foam, or what's not. I already have the latex sealant/primer coating I'll use before apply the shade of blue I want (Will be determined when I've picked and gotten the makeup so I can match it the best I can).

I'll likely link progress pics when (if?) I ever feel confident enough about the future result/method. Right now I feel quite silly/dorky wearing the incomplete thing.
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